Not something that I really wanted to do. It just happened .. impailed into the side of my foot about an inch.


I waited 2 days seekers the hospital to get checked out terrified of getting blood poisoning. I can’t miss work..

  • It’s kind of funny on my Facebook, I can post random stupid things and I can get lots of likes and comments as soon as I say that I did something bad to myself It goes ignored. 🙄

What I didnt add telling them .. that  After I got out of the hospital giving me crutches, told not going to work (I did anyway)  I thought that I locked myself out of the house. So bad foot and all I had to break into my house and climb through the really* small window.

My body feel so beat up. I’m tired.

In the hospital they told my my blood pressure is high… Maybe form stress or pain…  Stress is going to kill me.  I wish I could relax and not worry for once.

Why do I have to have constant bad luck.  People tell me to think positive stop thinking down all the time.

It’s kind of hard when my whole in life is a disaster 2nd week now with out phone / cell or internet at my house. Uhh

Instead  having bad luck all the time why can’t I win the multi million dollar lottery.


That would cure 90% of my trouble


Yup  Picture is upside down






Stupid 300 work count

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  1. samarkand 5 years ago

    Ouch, I think you mean you put a pitchfork in your foot, not your food… sounds really nasty and breaking in through a window when you’re supposed to be using crutches doesn’t sound like much fun either. I hope the injury heals soon and well and that you don’t get blood poisoning. Maybe try and stay off your feet which is probably what the doctors meant when they recommended you don’t go into work. But hey with ADHD, stress and anxiety I can imagine how hard it must be to just sit still. I’m sending you positive vibes so just sit back and wait for the magic to happen lol. Take care, Samarkand.

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  2. mddandme 5 years ago

    “People tell me to think positive stop thinking down all the time.” People who don’t have to deal with mental health issues don’t get it. Sometimes I want to smack them in the face when they say crap like that. Hope your foot gets better soon.

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