I have suffered panic attacks here and there throughout the last three years nothing that I couldn't get over in 10 mins and be just fine. Well over the past month I was put under a lot of stress more than I could handle and I got a terrible panic attack in my car had to pull over the car and have my sister come get me it was that bad! After that I started to isolate and wouldn't drive. Then just when I thought being at home was my safe spot I started getting the attacks at home and they would last for 30 min. Then as thanksgiving approached I got myself physically ill from all of it. I could barely eat and if I did I would gag lost my appitie , dropped 8 pounds, had terrible dry mouth , dizziness, nausea, couldn't sleep at night , i was chugging water . I thought it was something medical for sure . I went to the ER and the ran all the basics I was medically cleared and addmitted into behavioral health. While I was there the Phyciatrist prescribed Klonopin 0.5mg 2x a day and Prozac. When I took the Prozac it made my anxiety worse and caused me to have a panic attack the only thing that would help was the klonopin so I took that not knowing the nasty withdraw symptoms or that it could be addicting after taking the klonopin for 2 days I stopped it because I as scared of it. Well bad idea my anxiety came back about a thousand times worse I couldn't even function it was so bad my mom had to come over and basicly babysit me and watch my son. I was forced to take the klonopin because I was such a mess and I felt like the anxiety was worse than before I had ever taken the klonopin . So now I've been on the klonopin for almost 2 weeks I am scared to death of this medication and want off of it safely and hopeing for a safer alternative . How should I wean off and is there a need to wean after 2 weeks at 0.5 mg 2x a day? I am worried about having a seziure. All I want is my life back. Ever since I've started this medicine I've laid in bed all day mostly depressed and crying and even had thoughts of ending my life . I feel like its making me depressed .  I've never been so low in my life . Ive always been a happy person before this happend to me and on top of everything I feel like my whole life is slipping threw my fingers. If anyone has some advice I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Toni

  1. baby2ggirl 9 years ago

    I know how ur feel this Is such a horrible thing to go through.. I was perscibed that to I was to afraid to take it…I would ask ur doc ended the best way to get off it…. hope u feel better

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  2. LYN87 9 years ago

    Thankyou . Yes this is the hardest thing I\'ve ever been through . Can\'t wait to get off of this crap!

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