Yesterday was a really hard day for me, it was my last day of work, I had only slept 5 hours after getting 6 fillings done, I was in pain and I just wasn't feeling well, I think it was the aftermath of the anesthesia at the dentist, I felt nauseous all day and my head hurt. 

I worked there from June 2006 until yesterday, never felt appreciated, nobody ever did, the company we worked for has contracts for tech support for other companies. They didn't care at all about their employees, when I started having panic attacks, I asked if I could work from home for a while, because I felt safe there and it'd help me recover, I told my manager the whole story, was completely honest, it was hard and it was all for nothing, he told me it'd make others jealous and they'd have to do it for other people, then never got back to me on the issue. They just didn't care about their employees, as long as you showed up for work and did your job, that's all they cared about. 

On my last day, instead of getting goodbyes and good luck from my team lead, i got my final evaluation, which was due in June, not now. He took the time to tell me everything people said behind my back while i was on sick leave due to SA and panic disorder. People on my team that is. It hurt, really badly, I was speechless, I couldn't get a single word out, my throat closed up, it was almost like hiccups, I was gasping for air, he had to get me a glass of water. No thank you, no you'll be missed, just a here's what people said about you behind your back. In a way, I gained respect for him for it, because he was honest, but at the same time, it hurt and still does. Especially when it comes to one person, whom I thought of as a friend.

The only good in my last day at work came from a client, a client who had always been nice, he found out I was leaving from another client at the same site and sent me a personal email. Here's what he sent me : 

Hello Fannie,

Just heard from xxxx that you are leaving xxx, today. I'm really sorry to hear that!  I will really miss your expert help with my xxx queries and the quick turnaround of my Remedy tickets.

Thank you so much for all your help and your friendly / professional service.. I wish you all the very best and every success in your new job.

You will be greatly missed at xxx site!

Kindest regards,



I finally felt appreciated by someone there, so I took the time to thank him and give him my personal email address, so that we could stay in touch, people who have that kind of kindness are not all that common, especially where I worked. That email helped me get through the day, at least one personal appreciated the work I did there. The way that company works is that they don't care what you do well, when you get an evaluation, they only talk to you about what they think you do wrong. I'm glad I'm gone from there, but I will miss the few people that did care about what we do right, the clients we helped every day. I always had a very high customer satisfaction rate, that wasn't even brought up. I'd have liked to end my time there on a positive note, instead it ended on a very negative one. The last thing my manager said to me wasn't goodbye, it was where's your pass.  

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  1. shanna71 15 years ago

     Sounds like the best thing to do was get the h*ll outta there. Geez. So very sorry. Peace, Shanna

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