I had once posted that I believe some people are simply meant to be alone. And I do feel I'm one of those people. Does it bother me? Sure…or else I wouldn't be writing this.I've met a couple of people from Facebook but then, after we met, they simply ceased contact. I guess I wasn't good looking enough to be their friend (at least in my insecure mind). Before we met,we'd call each other…but then after we met,the returned calls stopped. I would post on their 'walls' but wouldn't get a response. Personally, I thought everything had gone well.

It's when things like this happen that I 'over think' things and I begin to think it was me. I wasn't good enough. BUT, as I'm typing this now…I'm going to stop this negative way of thinking. Maybe there was a reason why the communication ended. Maybe it wasn't that I was good for them….maybe, they weren't good enough for me! Something in the Universe intervenedto save mefrom….something- although, lately I've been feeling the Universe has been intervening a little too often lately, but I have to keep my head up and seriously believe there's a reason why things happen the way the do. More importantly,I have to keep believing in myself. Sure the negativity comes around more often than I'd like for it to but that's when I have to take deep breaths and enjoy, appreciate what I have now – instead of trying to reason what was it I had don. Besides, even if I was the reason, so what?! Maybe I didn't live up to their expectations. The other way to see it, is – they didn't live up to mine. The simple things in life are a tresure and patience is a virtue. If they were unable to see that, then it's their loss.

Hmm, now if only I could push these negativity thoughts out of my mind and not only convince myself of that but sincerely believe in it! Isn't it funny how good compliments are so much harder to believe than the bad ones?

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  1. MarcAnthony 11 years ago

    Very well said, thanks. I think my problem is that I'm overly sensitive and that's another thing I'm working on! But, you're right, if people are insensitive to me then why on earth would I want people like that in my life! Just need to keep my chin up…

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