What if my world was flipped upside down;

Feet on the ceiling, head on the ground?

A world where the rivers run up the hill,

Where the night is bright and the day is still?


Where good is bad,

And right is wrong,

Where fierce lions sing,

The Nightingale’s song,

Where my memories recall, future events,

And the past is lost, in the present tense?

And in the confusion,

I lost my mind,

I doubt I ever had one,

Is there anything to find?


If I could block out the world,

And gather myself.

If I could hear the silence,

Like there’s nothing else,

Then I’d find the key,

Maybe find the door,

Be finally free,

To live once more,

What if my world was flipped upside down,

Would I unlock the door,

And find a way out?

Would I cower in the shadows,

Until there’s nothing left?

Am I a hero,

Or just one of the rest?


Self-confidence is hard to find, but what if I spend years searching for an inner strength that I don't have.


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