my friends, i have been taking a break from the Tribe for a while. i have caught up on all the blogs i missed and it really seems that a lot of members don't understand the Spiritual Warfare we fight everyday. our disease is just an addiction the problem is us. we have to learn how to live in our bodies totally chemically free, that means complete abstinence from all drugs unless you have to take meds that help you stay alive.

there is a part of us that we can't listen too and that is our addicted brains. we have to listen to our hearts. your heart is the total existance of your being. pray to the God of your understanding and pray for guidance, faith, hope and love for your fellow addict.

i don't know about you but even with quite a few years behind me and a lot of peace and serenity in my life my disease still does one armed pushups behind my back. i have said before i do not have all the answers and sometimes i don't even know the question but i am more than willing to remain reachable to be teachable. sure you have to change everything in your life to get clean and stay clean but i can say that i am glad i stuck around long enough to get the message. the key to serenity is acceptance. start there and continue to move forward.

remember that recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops along the way.

NA hugs,



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