Well its been a while sinc I have visited here and yeah a hell of alot has happned since my last few visits. I walked away from the meetings when I moved backed to Detroit.. I disease got to me because i was not gtting my daily medication…….. I changed my clean date . I was in the wrong place worng time and wrong spiritual condition on the day of the super bowl. I drank a few beers and then realized what I had done. I only made it back to the rooms by the grace of god and me wanting too sav my ass from me. I was full of anger and hatered for one person, and i almost reverted into old behaviors. Then and ony then did the program of na kick in…..

I have been back in the rooms of n a for just over 30 days now. I am claiming that as my clean day only because thats when I restarted my program. My new clean date is 05-06-09…. How ever  have not had a drink or a drugsince the super bowl..

I am finding out that I had reservations about comming back to detroit. I thought I let them go before I left from Tampa. U found out that i didnt let all of them go………. All though it was a combination of things that led me to changing my clean date, I am back and am working the program to the best of my ablity now..

I have a new home group a new sponcer and i am trying to get back into service by becomming alt. GSR…… Service and making meetings really helped me stay clean in Tampa so yah if it aint broke who am I to try and fix things…

On a more personal note I have met someone here in the rooms of n a and yeah I have to becareful because I want it when and how I want it.. We are in the interview process of begining a realtionship…. I have to keep my motives in check because we both want a realtionship. I think and feel I'm ready for it but not quite sure she is, although she says she is……. At most I am building one hell of a friendship with her, for th first time I have told someone things I have NEVER told n e one. It feels sooooooooo damn good to beable to get honest with someone. More will be revealed on that matter as it unfolds

  1. newwayoflife 13 years ago

    Good luck i think that is what it takes ? Hay a flif of a coin has 50 -50 odd’s id take that 1. Skag

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  2. jefwheels 13 years ago

     Welcome back man. Just a sugestion – Maybe put the most energy into developing a relationship with you HP and you new sponsor. Do that for awhile and then move on to the more complicated ones. Relationships with the opposit sex (or same sex if you prefere) work better when BOTH parties have some consecutive time under their belts. Just a thought. What ever you decide JUST DON"T PICK UP. NO MATTER WHAT !        Johnny Wheels  

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  3. michaelcali 13 years ago

    Glad you are back here and thanks for sharing!

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