I said I couldn’t do it

Moving on? No, screw it.

I claimed you were the only one

Tricking myself when we were done.


I said I wouldn’t beg you again

But that didn’t stop me from asking.

I claimed you were the only one

Feeling like I should leave and run.


Months later and my mind got twisted

Did I need it still or did I just miss it?

I drank myself into a spiraling pot

Thinking that you’d want me again.


It took me a while, but I came to my senses.

Loving a snake can leave you defenseless.


All the things you refused to do

Carving a pumpkin

Or going to the zoo

Going to see Christmas lights

Let me stop sharing the lowlights.


My mind was tainted

And my body fell weak

I now feel frustrated

Because I believed I was the freak.


I gave everything I had

To an evil spawn of Satan.

But I overcame being sad,

Regained the strength to awaken.not today satan I Poster by sarahbrust | Society6


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