Just testing the waters, due to the censor of my lost post. The title of this is….

recoveredcrack[email protected] and if that doesn’t fly sometimes this does

recoveredcrachead at yahoo dot com. That’s my e-mail created out of frustration with the recovery world. Now please don’t get uptight if you have managed to amass some hard earned clean time. You are lucky/fortunate. The most common numbers are 80% recidivism and that means failure rate. I have heard higher than that but only in off the record conversations, so…

I have also inqiured of those rehabs and TC’s I participated in, only to be informed there is no reliable or economical way to keep tract. Now if someone were to introduce me to the method of my recovery I would joyously sing their praises from the rooftops as I have been chasing recovery for at least 10 yrs. To no avail.

I do believe I am getting close, a bunch of pieces to the puzzle, but no picture to giude me, anyway I digress (and should I hang out you’ll learn I do that often, A.D.D., self diagnosed)

So back to the topic, my e-mail, a misnomer I admit, but pretty catchy don’t you think…recovered crack head at yahoo. I think just about any crackhead might be able to remember it. Where as forum names, log-on’s and passwords are so easily forgotten. even personal e-mails, I know I forgot my password after only 4 mos. (although it was the original one assigned by yahoo and had no reference to me personally)

So, if…..you are a crackhead, recovered or not and I am really looking for the nots who are at wits end about how to get away from this cycle of torment, please drop me a line. Although I don’t have a definitive solution, I am working on it and you may hold the bright idea to bring it all together.

In the mean time, eat well, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Believe me I know.

Regards, Larrylive


  1. hayes77 13 years ago

    i feel that your attitude stinks.

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  2. jjrocksarizona 13 years ago

    Nobody is ever recovered from this disease we call addiction. just because i have over 20 years clean does not mean shit to anybody but me. you can change your life with the attendance of meetings, getting a sponsor and working the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous. it is truly easier than what you are doing now. the true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. you can bitch and gripe about how shitty your life is but you are the only one who can change it. life is like a shit sandwich. the more bread you have the less shit you have to eat. but first take your right hand and grab your left ear and your left hand has to grab you right ear now you can pull your head out of your ass and stop blaming everyone else for your problems. if you need and suggestions that might help you to a life of recovery please write to me. if your just going to bitch about your miserable life call 1-800-whine. what you get in life you have to earn. the only thing you can get for free is recovery.



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  3. larrylive 13 years ago

    Well I am slowly learning to navigate this forum, it's much different than the others. And being that I have limited access to the internet I don't get around much.

    So qiuckly in reply……………..JJ; you obviously have nothing I want, so stick to your meetings where you must be in good company.

        Hayes; if you think my attitude sucks it's because I think crack sucks, but thats just me.

      Shive; good stuff man thanks for the input.

    To anybody else that happens by, Go have a Happy Day

    Regars, Larrylive


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  4. Author
    larrylive 2 years ago

    Good afternoon, I hope all is well in your world.
    Mine just keeps getting more interesting. I spent the last ten years trying to
    create a sustainable community of recovery. Apparently “self-directed, consumer operated system of care and recovery community organization” are all just false hype labels for the not-for-profits to exploit people in recovery. So now I am deeply entrenched in the “homeless outreach” side of things. It’s the same atmosphere except for the agency I am involved with, They actually go above and beyond the required performance indicators.
    God is Good.

    Be Well,

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