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In our life, everyone of us are very familiar with STRESS…
Very sorry to say- according to many research studies “many disorders are stress linked”
Can you guess why???????? – See more at:

Cyclic meditation is a combination of simple Yoga postures and meditation techniques. If you don’t know yoga….you can also practice it with the help of some slow movements, even pretending as doing any regular work. Practicing this process for 4hrs per week can change your health condition completely…… – See more at:

When compared…..,human-being also an object in this universe…!! it also has the capacity of absorption, as well as sharing of energy. I used basic principle to know the energy transfer between the bodies during the mob meditation practice. Like this, energy transfer between organs and also between the cells at micro level.This is the main principle in “Inter-Intra Body Cosmic Energy Transfer Therapy (IIBCETT)”. – See more at:

There is a very common link between stress and sex. They both are very inter related. Sex is a good alternate for stress conditions. But we need to understand which is a good process or a good method to maintain a good sexual relation. Then only it will be a good method to overcome stress conditions. Otherwise, some of the sexual relations may lead to an irreversible stress conditions. Here we need to use our common sense to know how to use a sexual relation….. as a reliever of stress or as a developer of stress. – See more at:

Respected friends, Welcoming to our new members
I am a student of Naturopathy(2008-14). Very happy to meet you all. Visit my website at share it if u like my work. Get benefited and support my work
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Look here…::
So many people around us are may be sufferers of stress or stress linked disorders……!!! May be you also on of them…!!! We are following a bundle of methods and prescriptions to overcoming stress and stress linked disorders. Here I am giving a simple method. Get a small file(pdf) at
with a good method physical & mental fitness support me for further developement of my methods.
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