The idea behind the Panic Monkey was first developed back in 1998.  The subjects of anxiety and panic disorder are still relatively clouded in mystery, and are widely misunderstood.  A great number of people have not found solace in the traditional self help market, and this is something that needs addressing. 

The fusion of self help/fiction books is a new phenomena, but the notion that by reading a story based on fact, with characters that people are able to empathise with, could possibly help the reader is fast becoming more accepted.

The study of ridiculousness in the office chain of command, and the revelation at the end – are evocative of the best elements of ‘Something Happened’ by Joseph Heller.  Initial reviews for the book have been glowing:

“The first few chapters are comedy genius.  George’s character will appeal to anyone who has, or has ever had, a mundane office job.”

“A superb, inventive novel about a man, George Harwood, dealing with modern life while suffering from panic disorder and anxiety.

We live in a strange, complicated society and navigating our way safely through our lives is difficult. Sometimes it’s best to get your head down and just keep moving. But Harwood’s afflictions mean he has little choice but to stop and look up at every step of the journey, and analyze.

Over-analysing is Harwood’s biggest burden, but it also arms him with a great deal of information about our culture and how to cope with it.

To eavesdrop on Harwood’s inner chatter is to gain new insight into a world that’s funny, shocking, and occasionally immensely rewarding. “


“Spontaneously bought and read this after stumbling across it online. A completely different slant on the self-help book… in fact it isn’t preachy in the slightest. Hendy avoids a pushy attempt to ‘help’ the reader. Instead, the writer simply puts his own experiences and personal thoughts forward in an enjoyably witty manner. His own inner monologues are surprisingly familiar and this is enough.

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended. I’ve already passed it on to my friends.”


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