Definition: pertaining to two diseases which occur together, such as ADHD and depression


I don't even know where to begin with this one. I suffered depression as a teenager, but I thought that was long over. I made it through college, have a good job, and a loving husband. But now I'm sad so much of the time, and I can't explain the reason.


It wasn't always like this. OCD started to really make itself known around age 23, and I went into crisis mode starting last fall. I muddled through until February, where I entered intensive treatment. All throughout this, my frustration was over terrible OCD symptoms.


Now, my medications and ERP have evened out my OCD symptoms. I still have them, but I am finally functional. Working full time is hard (extremely hard some days), but I manage to do it. Back in October I wasn't making it through full days.


So, the question is, why am I depressed? I never felt depression symptoms before, but I was so wound up in OCD terror that I wouldn't have noticed. Now that OCD is getting a little more under control, "generally sad" has become part of my personality. I took some reputable online quizzes that say I am moderately depressed–this after my therapist had brought it up.


So now I'm on stay at home vacation because I gathered my courage and asked for some days off.  I'm home, I don't have to work, don't have to fight OCD on a trip, etc. It's been great so far, until today when that horrible sadness wells up.


So I can only now assume that I'm suffering both OCD and depression (as well as NDS, an anxiety disorder). I really feel that "comorbid" is an apporpriate word to describe this agony.

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  1. morella 11 years ago

    Yep, I've had it all checked.  My vitamin D3 level was low, so I've been taking those faithfully.  I am due to have the level checked again soon though.

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