I tried to talk to my mom today about some of the things I am thinking and some of the things my therapist said. She is a bit more open to me having OCD then my father. My dad is an amazing person and we are very close. He had a degree in psychology and youth counseling, and uses it as a guidance councilor at a High School. When I try and tell him about OCD he just thinks I am exaggerating. He only conceders a diagnoses of OCD as being viable if the symptoms are completely debilitating like those you would see on TV. Its true I hold down a job, have been going to college and have a few close friendships but I don’t think he relies just how hard I have to work to keep those things stable. And as for my job I got very lucky. I work in a factory that makes temp censers and switches. I work on one of the smallest lines in the plant only having to work directly with 6 other people. We work so much over time we all got very close almost to the point of family and they all know and accommodate my little quirks. (eg. Weighing parts up in even numbers, stacking things a certain way, only using black pens, ext. ) There are a few jobs on the line that aggravate my anxiety and my supervisor make sure he always has someone else who can cover that job even if he has to do it himself. If I was working on any other line or in any other factory I might not have people so willing to work with me. I would like for my family to know what I am going through but at the same time I do not want to worry them. For the most part I have been going through this alone, so I am glad to find a site like this one.

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  1. sdluna 10 years ago

    I've gotten very mixed reactions.  I would think that it makes him very uncomfortable.  Hang in there.  I'm sure that he just needs some time to process the information. 

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