Psycologist and intellectuals have come to realize that most time we impose a high level of limitation on ourself that is why we continue to suffer and cry over split milk.

 I want to share a story of a man named richard who has all that money can buy in the world but still suffers and have insomania every night without solution to his problem.

  He also has an allegy to roses because whenver he sees roses he instantly falls sick and get hospitalized with doctors telling him that nothing is wrong with him but he knows psycologically that he has a problem.

  This man was privilege to visit a friend who was well trained as a psycologist  and explained all his problem to his friend who took a great interest in his friend and resolved that he was going to help him.

  Do you know what the psycologist did he drew on a card board a beautiful rose in which he asked his friend to come into his office and sit down.

  I mmediately his friend saw the roses on the card board he started fuming and asking for pills to kill the anxiety and apprehension but nothing was given to him but guess what the psycologist did he took the card board and tore it into shreds for his friend to see and gave him a piece of it.

  When his friend saw what had happened its like a heavy burden was uplifted in him and he instantly gained his health back and was happy.

  What was discovered in the course of thier discussion was that when this man was young he was always giving  roses to a girl he love so much and one day he was jilted by that same girl and all the rose he bought for her became an instant enemy which made him become scared of a rose that was suppose to be a an instrument of love.

  What this message tries to point out here is that are you in one way or the other a victim of heart break,rape,broken home,divorce,lost some one dear and close,father,mother,daughter,son name them.

  They want you to get your life back because the world will not be balanced without you unleashing your heart felt potential.



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