So recently my aunt who I stay with caught me and my boyfriend in my bed.We were just sleeping it was our anniversary and he just wanted to see me and hold me while we sleep, which happened but while we were holding each other something turned into one and we had sex. So while we were sleep his family noticed he was missing and began to get worried so they called my house and my aunt picked up the phone and then came in my room, finding us. She is very upset. She dropped my boyfriend off home and told me to not talk to him again, but i’ll be damed if thats going to easy, I love this boy with all my heart and he does to me. I just don’t know what to do. This is our first time ever doing something like this… don’t you think we should get another chance to prove we could do better? (We both agreed to never do something like that again) I just don’t want to lose my boyfriend I and I just want to prove myself. She took my phone and all I understand that but she upset that he was in the house, yes it’s disrespectful for him to have done that come into our house without permission but it’s not as if we were bothering anyone, Im pretty sure if I would have asked my aunt she would laugh at me and she blamed me for everything for driving his parents into panic and for being so dumb. My boyfriends parents are letting him go with that “Take this as a lesson learned and don’t be dumb no more” while i get a full slap in my head. Now I know I did wrong but for me to do one thing its a really big problem I’m a teenager I’m bound to do things stupid is what I do right? smh smh at least I’m not doing drugs or anything



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