I have been very busy getting things done. More and more though I find it harder to push away the thoughts that I am leaving in less than a week. I have been trying to soak up my kids, dogs, husband, house. I need to soak up enough to last 13 weeks.

I did find a KOA-type place that will let me stay the whole time, has full hook-ups, wifi, showers, garbage and is cheap enough we can pocket half of the housing allowance the company gives me 🙂 Yay! Between that, the money I will make and my husbands unemployment we will be within $300 a month of paying all the bills!! If we are really careful with the food budget we should be ok. We sold the car and have a bunch of furniture and some tools in a local auction coming at the end of May. If we can make some money there we hope to pay off a bill or two to make it easier to keep up month to month.

My husband is in the 2nd of 4 rounds for this one job. I am REALLY hoping he gets it. I am also hoping that I get the local school nurse job. I will stop back in to inquire and remind them about me next week before I leave. That would be perfect for me and this 13 week job wraps up before they would need me for the school job.

I have gained a bunch of weight this last 14 months. I have lost a bit recently but not nearly enough to fit into my old scrubs. 🙁 I am going to have to go spend money Monday that we dont have.

At least my husand was able to fix our computer and our car himself which saved us a lot of money.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    You can get scrubs at Costco, quite reasonable.

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