After some time of endless internal fighting. Trying to find out who you really are and where you truly belong, you found yourself in a more deranged place. A place far from where it all started, but much closer to the end. Your physical body is in another continent but your mind has moved to another universe long ago. You are cut in pieces and spreaded, because you don't know where your home is or even where you come from.

You can’t remember your past, the beautifull experiences or why you did certain things and the . You can’t seem to remember how it feels to be touched or hugged. What’s even worse is you can’t imagine being hugged at this point. You just feel pain, hate, remorse and darkness. You dont deserve to have any kind of human interaction.
You are a hermit, living isolated for years and years. You don’t belong in this world anymore. And they can smell this what you feel, sensing that something is not right. its alright you would have push them away anyways.

So has the time come to say goodbye and let go of the pain ones and for all? Maybe you will find peace or just don’t feel at all anymore.
Do you think it is possible to be sure that your being and existence was an utter mistake. That you shouldn’t be here?

This should never have happened.

You have tried and tried to get closer to people but as hard as you tried, those were just little steps.Maybe worthless to some, but they could not see that it was a big step for you. So it never got further than a big desapointment for everyone.

Is it supposed to hurt this much trying to talk with somebody even if you are miles and miles away?

Making choices in life is very difficult, but it is even harder when you feel that you don’t have another choice.


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