Why is it so much easier to talk to a stranger? Why do we feel we need that disconnect in order to connect? If I wrote “Dear Sophia” or “Dear Boomer” or “Dear Lily’s Great-Aunt” at the top of this postcard, wouldn’t that change the words that followed? Of course it would. But the question is: When I wrote “Dear Lily,” was that just a version of “Dear Myself”? I know it was more than that. But it was also less than that too.

Dashin “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares” byRachel Cohn and David Levithanp.175


This quote is from my favorite book. I read it tongiht (for about the millionth time) and thought of the boy I have been in contact with through this site. For some reason this quote holds a lot of truth. I guess because I can relate to the personality type that Dash presents throughout this book and the funny thing is, the boy I've been talking to, really stands out as being like Dash more than anything. Anyway, my point being as this is the perfect way to describe how I feel when I talk to this boy. I feel exactly like I am tlaking to myself. Erm, if that makes sense. I just agree with this quote and understand it is what I am trying to get at. Eh. I'm tired and need sleep. Going to try and lay down a bit and probably reread this book to get my mind on better things. Guess I am just trying to stay away from all the dark corners of my brain. Goodnight all. Sweet dreams. Or if it'ts not night goomorning or goodafernoon. Whatever time it is there. Have a wonderful day/night. Take care all.


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