You know it's really funny that i have posted so many blogs yet nobody ever comments anymore. they are 7555 members of this site who do not try to answer me or make comments anymore. i get notices about somebodies birthday and they have not logged in for over 2 years. Did you all get miraculously healed? Did you truly get smacked upside your ass with the Magic Wand Of Recovery? i now have 24 years and 16 days. I still come here hoping that i can reach a newcomer. EGO stands for Edging God Out today. The word FROGS means Fully Rely On God's Strength. this is a We program not and I program. are you doing any service work in your area? or on the Regional level? Get active in Recovery instead of just going through the motions everyday of how crappy your life is. we can refund your misery 100%. you can have it all back in a silver platter.

Getting clean and staying clean are two completely different animals. they must be treated as such. Put in the footwork and do the steps and watch your life change for the better. We have to become old dogs to learn new tricks. I used from 1967 to 1989, My drug of choice you any more and yours because my stuff was better than anything you could ever find and i did not share my stuff. I am rapidly approaching 60 years of age. I am 100% disabled today. I am a 35 year ex Radio Pronounsticator ( that's a DJ for those of you who do not speak radio. I am and have been a guitar palyer since 1967. I own 7 of them today. and I play better than I ever had. my wife got a job 8 months ago and we got to move to Hawaii. S#@T I am just a Guitar playing beach bum who gets disability for life. I have type one Diabeties I live off an Animas Insulin pump 24/7. I have survived 4 heart attacks, a triple by pass, a stent placement and two roto rooters jobs. I have had 22 surgeries in 24 years. in less than two weeks the left rotator cuff will be repaired again after having it done 17 years ago.

So just what is it going to take to get you off your Ass and involved with some of these young people who are looking for answers to questions we might have some experience with. Please just think about it. I cannot save every poor Drug Addict in the world but I am trying my best 24/7……Remember Recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way. Most important of all be good to yourself. you deserve it…….

NA hugs,


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  1. frpmd 7 years ago

     Well, JJ:

    I’m rather new at actually using this site, and admittedly, I don’t conform to the “12-step” standards. Having just begun reviving my own blog, I can imagine how frustrating it is to feel that your sincerely genuine efforts to reach other addicts, are simply being ignored. 

    Like you, I too, began using Heroin in 1967; I was 15 years old. So, also like you, I have quite a long history of addiction. I don’t much care for “The Rooms” as they’re sometimes called, but I do think that they are really great if they work for you. Despite my aversion to AA, I have been to enough meetings to recognize when someone appears to “be taking inventory”, I believe it’s called. Personally, I think it’s great that you extend yourself to others addicts; I also think it would be wonderful if more folks followed your example. But by highlighting your benevolence while simultaneously indicting others for their lack of charity, you diminish the essence of what it is you are doing. Just my opinion which I offer objectively, one that is certainly not meant to impune your character.

    As you described the tumultuous state of your health, I grew curious how much attitide has influenced it’s quality. By your own description, you are a man who is lucy just to be alive, and since psychological stressors bear a significant impact on all aspects of phisiological health, especially those related to Cardio-Pulmonary systems, I do hope you take care, and abandon the vehemence you seem to direct towards those less community-service oriented than you….I would hate to hear you finally received the “Celestial Discharge”…..frpmd…

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