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All of my life I've sought the approval of those around me; parents, people in authority and even that of my own kidlet. WTF?!?! I can't make everybody happy all the time.

I have a picture on my profile that reads – Your approval is not desired or required, If you talk about me here's some advice, Click your heels three times and wish you had a life. Something I really need to live by. It doesn't matter what others think. This is MY life dammit, no one else is walking in these shoes.

I've pussyfooted around too long. I've been a member since Dec `07 and I still don't have what I'm looking for. Who's fault is that…well mine of course. All I've done is watch with meek eyes and not said much of anything. There have been many times, injustices as I'd call them, over the years and as a fool I sat back and said nothing.

'The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it' ~Einstein

I've been a sheep in this whole thing called life…following where I was told to go, blindly agreeing to the things that were told to me because the proverbial 'THEY' said so. Who the hell are they? And who gave them the right to tell others what to do? I don't want to be a sheep anymore, someone really interesting told me to 'Be who you are and you'll always know who your friends are' or something like that. Let's see if those words truly ring clear.

So really to sum up, I'm not your human door mat – stop trying to stomp the life out of me. I don't need your OK for every move I make – I'm a big girl now and can make my own mistakes and live through them. And finally, I definitely plan to walk my own path from now on – your path of emotional potholes is no longer apart of my journey onward.

it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are ~ ee cummings

  1. ladygreen 11 years ago

    Absolutely!  Bravo!

    My opinion-we are brought up to please others.  To always put others before ourselves.  We are conditioned that caring about ourselves first is being selfish. We are finally slowly learning that you can take care of yourself, be your own self, and still be a great person.  Continue to take care of YOU.

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  2. SaltWaterDrinker 11 years ago

    Amen to all that, sister!

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