So I flew to LA Thursday to get away for a while. I thought I could get along with the person I was going to see, but I was wrong. I hate LA, so we went up to the mountains. Before we even got to our hotel, we were fighting. The whole thing makes me sick and it's just another thing I'll try relentlessly to burn out of my brain. Anyway, we agreed to try to get along… got our room, then went to some strange zoo. It was amazing being within a couple feet of these animals… leopards, bears, wolves… but I cried around eighteen times. A lot of them were injured. Limping foxes, a wolf with a broken jaw, crows that couldn't fly, an eagle without an eye…

Friday night I got drunk and passed out. The next morning Dave apologized for calling me all sorts of hateful things. He apparently didn't realize I was asleep when he was saying them. Saturday night, after two short days, Dave thought I was mocking him and got mad at me. Which in turn, pissed me off. So I ignored him for about an hour, until he said we were leaving. He wanted to get me a room until my flight, but I told him to burn in hell. He drove me back to LA, to a disgusting motel on Century Blvd, gave me $220 and left. I walked to a liquor store and got drunk by myself. The next morning, I talked to Expedia and they said I'd be able to get a flight back sooner. So I grabbed a cab and called the airline. The airline said it'd be around $500, so I just stopped the driver and got out on the corner of Century and La Cienega. I tried to call someone, and two seconds after they answered, my phone died. So I asked some people for directions to highway 10 and started walking. After a few miles, some guy named Adoniss picked me up. He convinced me not to try hitchhiking home (I was in Inglewood). I got a room at some place called the Lotus Motel. It was a bit nicer. The TV barely worked and it wasn't really the kind of neighborhood you walk around, so I entertained myself with my phone. That Adoniss guy came back, but I told him I was really exhausted (and not that I thought he was rather creepy and that I wished he didn't know where I was staying).

So it was 10:30am the next morning, Monday. Check-out was 11am. My plane didn't leave until the next day. I didn't have the money for another night there. My mom said she'd pay for the room, but they wouldn't take a card over the phone. So I checked out, walked to Cloud 9 Motel. They wouldn't do it either. So I walked. Came to Geneva Motel. They wouldn't either. Finally got to a Best Western and they agreed to do it. I met some guy named George outside, a chubby, young-looking 29 year-old from New Jersey. Said he worked for the airline, and could get me home for $50 cash, but I didn't have that much. He and I ended up drinking a pint of Captain Morgan in my room. He was mostly nice, but he tried to kiss me so I asked him to leave.

So the next day I got a shower and packed. George came by to say goodbye. I checked out, took the shuttle to the airport, got my boarding pass and was absolutely delighted to find my flight delayed an hour.

So I spent four hours alternating between reading and trying to sleep in those uncomfortable chairs, then did the same for another 3.5 on the plane.

The moral of the story is that I am an idiot. If given the option between doing something intelligent or doing something stupid, I will compulsively, invariably choose stupidity.


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