It's a gray day here in Florida's east coast, but I'm fine with that. At least the temperatures won't get so high. There's a nice breeze and I'm watching the backyard wildlife again. I spend most of my mornings out here either reading or online. I just can't help it ~ the porch faces the east and I get to watch the sun rise and the morning progress and all the animals that come with it.

I'm feeling decent today, so I think I'm going to spend some time working in the garden pulling weeds and trimming the bushes. If it stays gray then I'll be able to get the whole garden finished. It's not very big, but it gives me a lot of pleasure to look out atit and see all of the blooms. Mom and I are probably going to go to a really neat nursery later on to just peruse and marvel at the plants they have. I keep hearing about this desert rose that's so big and old that it's actually a tree! What a sight that will be! I'm kind of excited about it. I love plants ~ they're in my blood from growing up in a plant nursery and working in it with my family. 🙂

At this point I'm reading a novel about the "Bell Witch" called "All That Lives". It's very interesting because most of it is truthful even though it's fictional. For those of you who don't know who the Bell witch is ~ it was a poltergeist of ferocious intensity that tormented the Bell family back in the 1800's. There's a lot of information available on the haunting because it was so inexplicable and violent. What can I say? The paranormal excites me ~ I enjoy pondering over what things might be causing it and whether or not it's real.A lot of times poltergeist activity is centered around young teens and it'sbeen documented, as is the situation with theBell family.

Today I'm going to take it easy. I did a lot of driving and running around yesterday and I'm still tired from it. Tomorrow I've got more running to do to see my doctor and it's a40 minute drive one-way. Maybe I'll convince Aaron to take a late lunch and we can dine together. That would be nice. 🙂

We talked a littlemore last night about whyhe doesn't share his feelings willingly and got some of the problems aired out. He was reluctant to talk butwas willing anyhow. I was proud of him because he keepseverything bottled insidemost of the time. We fell asleep talking into the night. It's the closest I've felt to him in a long time.

So today's going to be a good day.I'm going to make sure of that as much as I have control over it. I'm not going to let things I can't control own me, and I'm going to handle those things with calm and perceptive eyes. It's time to have some serenity ~ I think I deserve it.

I hope everyone is off to a good start. (((HUGS)))

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    I'm fascinated with gardening. Unfortunately I have a heavily wooded lot so it's limited in what I can do. But my azaleas are beautiful right now, and the rhododendron will bloom soon. I hope your day was great.

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