I’ve only been home for a few weeks and yet I’m already pissed off and fed up.

My brother is 18 but most people think he’s about 12 because he’s such a tard. He’s selfish and lazy and any time you ask him to do something, he either tells you he’s busy (which means he’s playing video games), he doens’t want to, or he grumbles and yells around. As a result, I refuse to do any chores around the house because I’m sick and freaking tired of picking up after him.

Of course, this gets me called lazy and my parents have no clue what they’re doing so this is how it’s been since the brat was born. At first, they excused him from doing anything by saying, "He’s too young." and when I protested, they explained, "Well he’s younger than you." and I distinctly remember thinking, "He’ll always be younger…"

Then when I was about 15 and he was about 13, it was, "Well, I understand your frustration but he’s a work in progress." Pfft, I wasn’t considered a "work in progress" at any point in my life. WTF?

Now my Dad says, "Well, you’re almost 21 so you should be the adult and just because he doesn’t do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it." So basically, what that means is, when he cooks himself something to eat and makes a mess, I should clean it up. When he gets a glass of milk and leaves the milk set out, I should put it away. Any time he effs up, I should basically fix it somehow.

Hell. No. He’s 18, no more of this, I freaking quit. I got the dumbass through elementary school almost singlehandedly. He’s so lazy that he’s almost flunked every grade. Every. Single. One. And I quit, I wash my hands of him. But I’m sick of being called lazy. I’m not lazy, I’m pissed off.

I’m sick of my boyfriend’s mother, too. That woman should never have been allowed to procreate. My boyfriend wants to come back to school here on the east coast but she’s refusing to co sign any of his loans because she "doesn’t like that school" when in reality, she just wants my boyfriend trapped at home because he does whatever she doesn’t feel like doing.

As a result, I’ve been incredibly stressed out. He needs money, we can’t find any, he’s upset and pounding the pavement for jobs but can’t get anything and I’m about to snap. He’s got issues, my brother has a big mouth that needs slapped, my Dad is stressed out and yelling around, I have no money but I don’t start work until Monday, etc.. I’m so close to tears right now it’s not even funny.

I’m trying to lose weight to make myself feel better but now I owe Dad $35 for that one, too. Even though my jerk of a brother has spent about $50 on video games this month alone…all of which my Dad paid for…I owe Dad money for going to work out but my brother doesn’t owe him a dime. Bull. Shit.

I owe him $35, Mom $40, and Curves sixty six. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I’m typing that out oddly (sixty six), I’m using my old laptop because mine is broken and HP wouldn’t fix it. They kept asking me if I installed any new software which pissed me off because the left clicker is broken, what the hell does software have to do with it? It’d be like someone saying, "My brakes broke in my car." and you answering back with, "Well, did you put any new air fresheners in it lately?" WTF?

If it’s software, you basically wipe it. If it’s hardware, they charge you a minimum of $300 to fix it. Yeah, and I’m getting that money where? What does that warranty even exist for?

Thankfully, the store I bought it at is going to take care of it despite being jerks with me at first. Well, actually, two of the three people who were on duty when I went to see them were jerks. The one who sold me the laptop is the one being good about it which I’m happy about because I just got this damn thing like 7 months ago, don’t tell me it’s going to cost me another $300 to fix it when it’s still pretty new and in good shape and I have both the factory and store warranty.

Another issue we’re currently dealing with is my great uncle. He’s sick, has been for quite a while now, and is a total pain in the ass. This is a "man" who has never held a job. Not once. He has never bought his own clothes and he’s such a hog that he eats stale and rotten food. He’s been hacked open about 3 times now because his cholesterol is through the roof. He’ll see a doctor and they’ll say, hey, moron, stop eating like that and he’ll go right home and cook some hot dogs. What a great guy.

He has about a million pill bottles in his house but he doesn’t know how to take any of the medication so my Dad has to go down there and check it for him. He was there a day or so ago and apparently, the dumbass had taken a few pills but he didn’t know what or what he had to take still and it was a mess. Oh, and then Dad bought him food, chicken, and he said, "I can’t eat that, it has skin!" so Dad told him to pick it off. "I can’t pick it off!" Are you kidding me? The guy wanted to stop off at McDonald’s on the freaking way home!

So yeah, Dad has been stressed out because for some reason, he won’t just tell this old ass to shove it. He listens to him bitch and moan and whine and then he takes it out on us, his lucky family.

To make matters even better, my orientation for work is tomorrow and I’m so pissed off, I don’t even want to leave my room. I had some cereal this morning but I haven’t eaten since, I’m too mad. I don’t have anyone to talk to because I was in a bad mood earlier and my boyfriend said he didn’t want to deal with it so he took off and I haven’t bothered to try and reach him since because, at first, my asswipe brother took over the desktop and now that I’m using this hunk of junk, I’m not trying to reach him just because I don’t want to. Being back at home makes me so tense and irritable it’s hazardous to my health, I know it.

I tried to find a book at the library that I want to read but, ahaha, it’s so funny! My local library can’t even afford heat let alone new books! So they have the last book in the series I want to read but not the first ten books! Ahahaha, hilarious! >.< And even though they’re only $8, I can’t afford it because between my jerk brother and my useless uncle, my Dad is almost tapped every time I even ask to borrow gas money until I get paid and yet you watch, my brother is so selfish he won’t repay him a dime and I already know my uncle never would, he’s got a tab running here and so far he’s spent thousands.

All I could think to do to escape was take a few Melatonin and hope it’ll knock me out until everyone is in bed.


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