I'm so sick of this. A stupid dance at school a few weeks ago happened. My group of so called friends said they weren't going so I didn't either. Well my ex sent me a text asking me why wasn't I there? I said oh my group wasn't going. He said what are you talking about? Your friends were all there. So I texted my friend saying so was the dance? She said I didn't want you to come we don't want you in the group anymore cuz yur a bitch and nobody likes you. You were never our friend you were just that girl that came along freshman year. So now this sucks. And I'm done with them bla bla. And just to piss me off at lunch she starts talking about prom right infront of me. I had my back turned but still she proceeded to talk about prom and a limo and diner and a after party. All the things I was gonna be part of. I just don't understand how girls can be so mean. So I blocked allof them on Facebook. I put a status up saying : talk about prom again infront of me when you didn't even want me in your group. Seriously I get it……..so she comes up to me saying post another status about us and I will hear about it. I said bitch I blocked you and the rest of yur bitches and I can post whatever the fuck I want. If my ex wasn't there I would of slapped a bitch. My ex and I are best friends dating just didn't work out. But I can't take this harassment anymore. I hate highschool. I hate drama and mean girls. Ignoring them is hard to do. Advice or anything would be nice


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