She sees the world in black and white

With subtle grey in between

She breathes in the frozen air

Feels it chill her insides; as she

Swallows down her burning pride.

She can feel the pressure beneath her skin,

Behind her eyes as tears build up

About to breach the dam that she’s fortified so well.

With trembling lips and hands,

She feels the emotion

Consume and captivate her body.

She holds her breath as if that will keep the monster at bay.

It tears her flesh like an orange rind.

She falls to the floor as her insides revolt

Sending shockwaves through her.

She feels the bile fill her mouth as she expels all that lies beneath.

Cleansing and liberating.

As her empty, shriveled shell lay broken on the dirty floor.

She slowly starts to breathe

As she slowly starts to cry everything that is left.

Until the exhaustion overwhelms and overtakes her.

With eyes closed and soft tears still pushing through;

She lay silent in the night


Copyright 2008 Jade Clark

All rights reserved

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  1. prism 14 years ago

    How very sad.I would wish to hold her and say your safe now

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