my sister is going through what i believe is deppression. we had a lot of stuff going on whilst growning up and it hit me at a much ypunger age and its now only hitting her. i always knew this day would come but its so upsetting to hear that she keeps crying and some days just dosnt want to get out of bed. ive been there and still do hav days like that so i know her pain and i hate the thought of her being like that . i always justwant the best for her and i would do anything i could to take her pain away . she was supposed to get married next year but ses freaking out and now has called it off and lucky her partner is understanding of what she is goin through. just our past with our mother and step mother has really mucked us all up in differt ways and she was saying some stuff tonight and had no idea about how some things went on and i wish i could of proteced her from what went on. im mad at myself for not being able to protect her from this pain shes in . i dont know what to say to her . ive told her im here for her when ever she needs me and just to take things as they come and dont block things so if she wants to cry then let it out . but i struggle to keep my own head above the water some days and all this is killing me inside and its bringing up bad habbits for me but ill always put her first and ill worry about what it does to me when shes ok but im just afraid of having a bad day and not being able to be there fully for her . i just want to help her so much.

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    Sounds like you have been to her and offered your love and compassion.  Keep talking to her, tell her you understand.  You know how hard it is to get through to a depressed person.  Don't give up.  In helping her, you will strengthen yourself.


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