Well I am still battling with this tendonitis, I feel a difference everyday and it will get better but damn it's been 5weeks now!  I still have to use the cane to get up and down and walk and because of that I've pulled a muscle in my back and now the other knee from limping so much is hurting…I just can't win!  During the week I have not just my 4yr old grandson but my 5 month old one too and both of them together is a lot because I can't get up and down good or walk good so I have to be so careful with the baby and it's just one big  mess and pain for me.  We've tried finding someone else to watch at least the baby til I get better but people who always said they would said no and that made me mad so I don't want them to even go to those people when they do….I hate it when someone says they would love to do something for you and then won't.  So anyway that's where I stand physically can't do much, pain keeps me awake at night so I'm just a mess and I get mad easy especially to these other people who so called help us out….yeah right….they don't care about me.

I do have some good news about my parents.  My dad went to the kidney doctor and he told him the shape his kidneys are in right now they will last him about a year.  So he is doing good there as long as his heart holds out we will have him around.  Now my mom is a little more relieved and she won't stress so much on her heart.  Both of them with such bad hearts and anything at all could set off a heart attack scares me but I pray we will have them for at least a little longer.

that's all that's happening right now so I guess I should count my blessings.  If I could sleep I think the depression would be better but I'll just have to deal with that one day at a time…


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