I have this thing about smiling, being happy, I swore when my neice was born that i would make her smile every day of her life whether it was something i did something i showed her or a memoriy of another time when i didn what i do best, teach her how to be a fearless nutter that i never was.

I remember maybe 10 or 15 years ago reading this poem in a magazine and i have remembered it word for word ever since.

 Smiling is infectious

 You catch it like the Flu                                               

When someone smiled at me today                                    

I started smiling too


I walked around the corner

And someone saw my grin                                        

When he smiled i realised                                                

I'd passed it onto him


I thought about that smile                                            

Then realised it's worth                                                      

A single smile like mine                                                 

Could travel right around the earth

So if you feel a smile begin                                         

Don't leave it undetected                                              

Let's start an epidemic quick                                           

And get the world infected


Hope this gets a little grin of what a plonker is she from some of you

But i love this poem it's what i wanna be able to do


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