I didn’t get to sleep until around 5am this morning. I stayed up with my sisters friend as she couldn’t sleep. She left my room at around 3:30am. I tried to give her a hint that I wanted some privacy, and i’m sure she picked up on that.

I slept through most of today. I first woke up at 1pm, got some lunch, then went back to bed, and didn’t wake up again until dinner, around 6pm. When I went out to get dinner, i passed out.

I have never fainted or anything before and the experience was very overwhelming. When I got out of bed, I did feel strange in the head, but i didn’t worry about it, then i walked out to the kitchen. I was standing there, and my head felt like someone had put a weight on it. Then the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Mum was all worried, but I told her I was fine. I don’t know what caused it. I my head still feels very strange, and I have a massive headache. I’m not going to let mum fuss over me or anything, and I blankly refuse to go to the hospital or doctors. I was thinking it was just exhustion, but with the amout of sleep I have had today, it couldn’t be that. I still feel very lathargic however.

I was talking to one of my best mates on msn last night, and he made me an offer that I have been thinking about it all day. Weighing up my options, and after much thought, I think i’m going to take him up on it. I need to stop umming and ahhing about it, and just let him help. I know I need to let people help me, but that step is such a huge one.

I need to get away, before my head implodes.. I want to just run away. I should just pack my bags and go.

The setting sun is coming throught my window, bringing with it a brilliant shade of orange. Its hurting my eyes, and my head, so much so that it feels like needles are being stuck through my eyes.



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