so my mom came back from Nicaragua yesterday and like 20 minutes ago i was talking to her and she tells me some shit that my aunt thought was going on with me and some rumors she heard over there and she said it in front of jason and the lady that lives with us now. so i dunno what the fuck to do or say all i know is that im pissed the fuck off. Whatever happen over there is none of her fucking business its my fucking life. i want to get the fuck out of here. whenever i try to change for the better for me and for my life someone is always trying to bring me the fuck down. so far its been julio and now my mom…is it that they want me to stay in this stage of depression and sadness. could it be that they get some sort of satisfaction from my suffering or that they like predicting what im gonna do. like im some sort of puppet i feel like that is what they both want, me to be their puppet. just so they have someone to control and have by their side while they waste away.

fuck man today was an ok day and then julio tells me he is going to some concert with his cousin on sunday nite and im like ok and then he is like oh i’ll drop you off at your house while i go and then pick you up when i come back….again like im some doll. and i said well i thought you didn’t have any money. he is like i dont but its only $25 and i have never seen them. bla bla bla. so i was like well maybe we wont go to the movie tomo night then cuz you wont have any money since you going to the concert and since im going to the movies tonight…i dont think i have enough for both nights and he was like i never ask you to pay i said i know but then i gotta listen to you bitch about not having any money! cuz i feel like you say it like its my fault. and he said oh whatever so im like i’ll let you know about staying at your house.



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