Ok I think I will start posting these as they come instead of brushing them off since I had a second one last night that I can remember.  This dream is one I seem to have had since I was a kid, it changes a-lot but always involves the same type of charactor and theme.  I watched Friday the 13th when I was 7 years old.  Part 4 of there movies was the first one I watched and I have had nightmares about it ever since.

I am walking in a urban area with buildings and lights throu a grassy area and I see a big knife or sward or macheti on the ground I pick it up and keep walking.  I feel as if there is someone chanceing after me sorta watching from the windows I have a feeling who it is as always its Jason.  All of a sudden he is in a window looking down at me but this time he dosn’t have the mask on but his face is not all messed up like in the movies.  I watch the window making sure I know were he is as I start running to get away.  All of a sudden he is right in front of me theres no escape so I run at him with my weapon and he walks towards me with his we both hit each other in the chest with the point of our weapons and my blade stays there like I can’t penatrate him at all with it, his hits me and dosn’t move as we push into each other with the blades his seems to start going into me and mine can’t so I seem to give up as I feel i’m about to get killed.  His face this time is just a blur I can’t make it out.  I wake up before his weapon can do anymore damage.

I had the other dream like 2 hours before I went to bed and then I had this one.  I woke up around 4:30 am after this second one but I looked at my clock and was able to get back to sleep waking up again around 9:45 am.


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