Since my last blog, I’ve been doing so well, until yesterday. I just felt like my mom kept trying to interfere with my relationship b/c she was so unhappy in hers. She still is, but today new drama has surfaced. I recently helped her sign up for facebook and learned how to use it to keep in touch with her friends from high school instead of paying to use classmates. And for those of you who have known me…well the demon has surfaced again and decided to flip out b/c my mom wouldn’t add him as a friend on her facebook acocunt. He’s so goddamn insecure and miserable its like he wants to find a way to prove she’s cheated or having an affair just so he has a valid reason to end their relationship. If he can blame her for a cause to end their marriage then he gets away looking like the good guy for his fcukin ego. I hate this so much. He came home today and lectured me and tried to make me feel guilty for signing her up for facebook. I’m so sick and tired about hearing how miserable they both are and how they feel about each other and their relationship. I wish they would just divorce so that I can move the fcuk on with my life. I don’t want to be in the middle of it so i just didn’t say anything during his lecture. He’s has to have control over her entire life! She’s not allowed to go out or have friends, or apparently have her own facebook account? He does. The fact that my two rebellious brothers get away with attempting to run away a few days ago, disrespecting my mom and punching a hole in the wall pisses me off even more. Once again everything is falling apart and I’m left to suffer in between the drama in order to take care of my nephew. I hate this life.


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