Is there anyone else out there who struggles with Social Anxiety?

It's really starting to frustrate me. People always ask me why I'm so quiet, mum always gets frustrated at me when we go to family get togethers and I don't speak to anyone. I find it really hard to talk to anyone except my close friends and my sisters. I have 2 good friends and 1 good friend at work, but I don't ever see him outside of work. One of my friends I have known my whole life so I'm not shy around her, the other friend I wasn't comfertable talking to for year, but she never shuts up so I soon felt okay around her. My friend at work, I never spoke to him untill we went to a work do and got drunk. We walked home drunk together. The only time I ever seem to have confidence is when I'm drunk, it's the only time I talk to people. When I'm sober and people talk to me my mind goes blank and I dont know what to say or how to answer questions. I speak really quietly and I have a shaking problem so I noticibly shake. I can't figure out how to start a conversation or keep one going and I get so nervous when someone tries with me and i feel relieved when they walk away. But I really want to make friends, and I feel like a fool becaause they're trying hard to be my friend and I'm afraid they might think I'm unfriendly because I don't talk to them. But I really want to make friends and just be able to talk! It's really frustrating me because all I want to do is talk and it seems so simple but for me it's really hard!

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  1. anonymous4263 8 years ago

    I totally get where you are coming from. I, too, feel the pressure of social anxiety just recently. I have always been the 'social butterfly', now I am a wall flower unless I loosen up with a couple of drinks. Just remember mammas, it can lead to a habit…the only “you” poeple will know is the druck girl…trust me, it's not a fun gig. As I said, I am struggling with agoraphobia because of my social anxiety. If I find anything that helps me I will more than gladly share with you! Drinking just really isn't the answer…you start to lose yourtself in the constant intoxication because it make you feel 'normal'. that's my issue now. My family doesn't want me to take the anxiety pills b'c they say it makes me a different person, but the alcohol takes away the anxiety…the geniuses (sp) of the world need to figure out what chemical the alcohol produces in the brain and make that our it's confidence and all the insecurities go away…I'm here for you girl! And again, if I find something that works for me, I will share with you, maybe it'll work, maybe not, but I don't know about you, I'm sick of this nonsense and am willing to try anything to feel normal! xoxoxo

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