Hey, y’all!

I’m not one for long, drawn out readings, so I’ll do my best to keep my posts concise. I’m new to this platform, but I’ve been on a journey through anxiety since I was in college and realized the extent to which anxiety impacted my life. Now, I’m years out of college, have a lovely family, am progressing quickly in my career, and have many deep and lasting friendships; however, I have found myself exhausted by the constant anxiety that seems to be ever-present these days.

It’s pretty clear to me why I’m having such anxiety now that I’ve begun taking steps to address my emotional state, but for several months (even pre-COVID), I have been perplexed and crippled by anxiety, so much so that I faked an illness for a week. I remember telling myself, “nope, I just can’t do it today!” And then that turned into several days in a row. I’m thankful for that week, because it sent up a red flag and allowed me to take a look at what needed to change i.e. the amount of work I’m doing AND my self-care! So, I’ve begun therapy again, am using this blog as an outlet, am journaling again, and will have a couple of weeks off of work to dive deep. I’m excited for the next phase of my life and whatever new understanding comes my way. I hope I can provide some love and light through my own process.

Take care & I’ll write soon!



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