Hey..long time no blog! Apologies.

It's not even that i've been too busy i just haven't had the energy or motivation to type out all of my emotions.
I had a crap therapist who didn't encourage me to do anything like that..so i didn't – i just gave up.

i'm seeing a new therapist on tuesday, a male!! i've never had a male doctor or therapist before.
I've always opted for a woman as i have alot of personal issues, but i will give this guy a chance, he sounds
nice enough on the phone. I don't feel anxious yet surprisingly, i've not seen anyone in nearly 3 months so i
think it will be more of a relief!! He's even coming to my house!!

It's been a really stressful week going back to work after some time off, i'm doing some new training at work
which is quite draining! On top of that i've been having financial issues, my phone network have cut me off coz
i can't pay the bill, my TV isn't working, my best friend is back on drugs i feel like it's my fault, the weather has
dull and miserable, my cat had to go to the vets, my boyfriend wants me to meet new people, and i messed up
my friends birthday surprise day! Overall i feel like a failure! I even tried going back to the gym this week, i've been once
after a 13 month gap and i feel hiddeous working out next to these really fit girls, i can't help but compare myself to them.
I'll try again next week, my aim is to go 3/4 times a week. I need to do something about my weight, i look like a pear!!
Not even joking, i'll post a pic next time. i'm going to try and blog more often again too. i feel better already.
Thanks for listening.

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  1. Heather_Taylor 8 years ago

    Hey Naomi, I don't read blogs much, but glad I did this morning.  You are dealing with a TON of crap right now….anyone reading what you wrote would agree.  I don't have really good advice on this one…sorry….but I am here for you and can talk whenever you want.  I think I am pear shaped too more than an apple right now, are you a green, red, or yellow pear.  I think I am a yellow one.  My skin turrned yellow after I ate too many collard greens (too much Vitamin A).  Even when we try really harrd, sometimes things don't go our way and we really aren't to blame so much.  cut yourself a break as you wait for most of these things to resolve, and they will, and life will get back to normal.  Keep looking at those vac pics.  I was looking at scrapbooking supplies at my store and your pics would make a nice mini album on that thick cardboard stiff…can't remember the name of it.  I should have written this as a message…sorry…I'm here for you. things will get better.  I promise.

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