I don't know what to do. I got an interview tomorrow but I'm having a shoe "crisis". The pair I bought ended up being too big and I didn't know it until I started walking in them because they were tied together in the store which made it impossible to properly walk in them. I took them back and got another pair at Famous Footwear but now I'm reading information about open toed shoes being inappropriate for an interview…but there was nothing else there! The close toed ones wouldn't fit right or at least I don't think they do because when I'd walk, I'd have to tense to keep them on. Even when I tried two sizes they just kept wanting to flop up off my feet when I walked and any size that would decently stay on required that I walk like I have a stick up my ass.

I'm trying to get something with heels because my pants are too long and I need to get them up off the floor. I've checked Wal Mart, Target, and Famous Footwear. I don't know where else to check, I'm so tired and nervous. =( I could try to go to bed early to return them tomorrow morning before class at 2:00 but I don't know where else to go and this whole clothing thing is really stressing me out. I ended up having to wear my tennis shoes today because I had nothing else so one part of me is saying, "Almost no one noticed your shoes, screw it and go with your new ones" while another part of me is saying, "Do you really want to lose a job because you didn't go get a proper pair of shoes?" while a third part of me is saying, "This sucks, who cares if you can see my toes a little, that doesn't mean I'm stupid or a bad worker, why is such a tiny detail so obsessively important"?

The whole thing feels ridiculous to me. Don't wear brown it's not as well liked, stick with black, grey, or dark blue. Don't wear open toed shoes, don't wear this, don't wear that, etc.. Anyone can show up in a black suit and black shoes…assuming your size exists…but does that really tell you anything about their ability to work? And really…you can barely see my toes in these…why does it matter?

Ugh, does anyone know any other stores I can check out? I need something black, something with heels that won't kill me, close toed, and not insanely expensive. Also, when you walk are you supposed to tense up to keep them on? >.>

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  1. marissa 10 years ago

    maybe you could try big 5 I think they might have something their…maybe.?

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