So I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)/ Hypochondria (Health Anxiety).It’s really hard to deal with and it’s ruling my life at the moment.I find myself hanging on to my anxiety because it feels like if I let it go I really won’t be that interesting anymore.It’s like because I have this “Mysterious Illness” that no one else understands I’m cool? But not cool, more just I have something to talk about that interests people, or something cool in my life.It’s not like I want drama, or want anxiety, no way it’s flipping scary.It just feels like it’s easier to hold onto it then to actually try healing myself.The thing is, you can’t “cure” yourself, and it’s the people who think they can that end up getting worse.You have to realize that everyone has it, but WE are the unlucky people who it shows more of itself to.Instead of curing yourself try finding ways to become friends with your anxiety and working alongside it.You need to keep it tame and don’t feed the worry.Because if you feed the worry it will keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger until finally it eats you whole and you have a panic attack.Instead you need to talk to it and calm it down.That is the hardest part, actually being strong enough to get it to go away.You need to just keep at it and follow a healthy lifestyle; yoga is an awesome way to help! No high doses of sugar, salt, or caffeine.And definitely don’t drink or smoke.So maybe anxiety isn’t that bad, it makes you eat healthy and stay healthy and notice little things that no one else notices.Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like you were different? Like maybe you could feel everyone’s intensity’s and all their emotions. Not crazy, just sensitive to people, and their feelings?You are sensitive; you could even call it a gift.I like to use my sensitivity to help people.Now maybe its time to talk about Anxiety pains.A lot of people get these, I get tight pains in my chest and sometimes it feels like I just can’t get a good breath.Something’s just a little off at all times; I just don’t feel particularly “right”.I was normal before my anxiety started getting out of control but now it feels like I’ll never be that person that I was before, like the old me died and this is who I am now.But that’s not true; you are exactly the same person as before! Do you look any different?Maybe a little more tired or run down but no physical changes.You’re the same person just maybe a little smarter.You have to convince yourself that these pains will go away and that it really is all in your head.Your mind-body-nerves connection is amazing.Obviously it is if you can actually convince yourself you’re having all these pains when it’s all in your head.No one wants these pains so why don’t you tell yourself that?I don’t want these pains so why are you here?I never told you to come and I’m in control of myself so please go away, you’re not welcome here.It might seem a little crazy to talk to your self like that but it really does help.You need to have a good relationship with your self if you want to be happy.Because I mean, it’s you! Who else are you going to live with love with and die with in your life?Now onto a little more about Hypochondria, that’s the illness were you feel sick and then you start thinking your deathly ill or you’re absolutely convinced you have a certain disease or illness and you’re going to die or lose consciousness oh my god… no stop.The only thing that’s wrong with you is what you’re telling yourself; didn’t I say before that your mind-body-nerve connection is amazing?If you really make yourself believe you have these illnesses then your mind is only going to happily oblige with the symptoms.Truth is, you’re not sick, and you’re just convincing yourself you are.Maybe even go to the doctor and find out for yourself.The reason why you always feel sick to your stomach is because when you get scared like this and start freaking out, your body sends adrenaline into you symptom to help you get out of your scary situation.With the overdose of adrenaline you can get shaking and ragged breathing.When you have that in your body your mind tells you not to eat anything because if you do you will feel sick because when the adrenaline is in there giving you the strength to run for your life you don’t need extra food to digest.You need to calm down and wait for the adrenaline to go away, then try eating something easy to consume or taking a multi-vitamin which should get the protein back into your body.Another thing that happens when you get adrenaline and you start freaking out is your heart starts to pump a lot faster.That’s when Hypochondriacs usually start thinking there is something wrong with their heart.There’s nothing wrong with your heart my friend, of course it’s going to beat faster if you’re scared out of your wits or if you have adrenaline pumping through your veins.You need to sit down and concentrate on your breathing to slow that heart back down so you can think clearly.Last but not least could be depression or the feeling that you’re so alone and no one understands you.Or that you’re some kind of “freak” and you hate feeling like that.The thing is, you’re not a freak it’s not your fault you have all these complications.And maybe none of your friends or family understands but there are thousands of other people out there that have this exact same thing and totally understand you.Don’t feel alone, try to reach out to the friends and family that make you happy and just try to do fun things and get your mind off things when you’re with them and when you really need help then go to a councilor or go online and talk to people who understand you on an anxiety website.But don’t be fooled into going on a website that freaks you out and has all these people telling you things that could be wrong with you, stay calm.None of those things are what you have, all you have is a high case of worrying about things and that isn’t so bad if you can cope right?Maybe get an anxiety workbook and work through it to calm yourself down.Or just read a light cute novel, or watch a funny movie.All it comes down to is that everything is in your head and you have the power to stay happy.You’re not alone through any of this and you can become your own best friend again.You can do it, because I’m doing it right now.Stay happy, calm, relaxed, and stay healthy in your diet and lifestyle.Talk out your stress with yourself; write it down, or to a councilor.And we’ll make it through together. 🙂


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