So nothing really new is happening. Last weekend was pretty bad though simply because I was alone and it was at night… And mother nature was hitting. But its okay now. I haven't done anything drastic mind you and I don't really plan on doing anything drastic anymore. For the most part I think I'm done morning. Some of you may think that was a short period to mourn but it really wasn't… I had been mourning even before the relationship had ended because I had known for a while it was going to end. It was just also during that time I was praying that something would change or something would get better. But after a couple months, I knew that was never going to happen anytime soon. So I changed my situation. I mourned for a while and now im just trying to focus on the positives of our relationship instead of negatives because there were so many positives. It would be stupid to focus on the one or two negatives in the relationship.

So yeah… Im freaking out right about now because we have a group project in English and I have to assemble together to writing part of the project however to do that one of my group member has to send me an email with the sources that she has found and I want a list of the ideas that we came up with. Its due next class which would be Tuesday… And she has yet to send it to me. I hate group projects for this simple reason because I can never rely on my team. I would have been done with this ages ago but because my group is stupid and doesn't do anything. I specially hate this class project because I hate the class. Its my class were the teacher speaks literally in riddles and expects too much of us. She not only does not each us anything but when we have projects such as this one, she doesn't tell us what to do and what is expect. So our class is just shooting in the dark right now hoping that it is the right thing. And this is not just my opinion, its everyone's. We have these discussions on a regular basis. I should have dropped out of the class however I'm not too stubborn to do such a thing. I just doing want to fail… And the teacher plays favoritism. If she likes you then you could do absolutely nothing sand still pass the class. However, if she doesn't like you, then no matter what you do and how hard you work, you will never get full credit and you might very well fail. So! I could very well fail this class because she still doesn't like me because of last year…

Anyways, I've bored you enough. So night! I mean… Lol. Maybe I need to go back to sleep… Lol. Bye!

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    As an English major in college, and loving literature and writing like I do, I hate to hear of teachers like this.  If I were a  teacher, I would stress the joys of reading classic literature, and want my kids to love it too.  Poetry, plays, novels, short stories, can teach us so much about the verities of life, love, endurance, kindness etc.  Try and hang in there and learn something in spite of your teacher.  

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