if you read this it is meant to be slightly humorous though i didn`t feel that way when these events occurred…

i own a landscaping company.last year i was backing a trailer into my driveway and while backing it in my cellphone rang.i answered the call and continued backing the trailer in (slowly i thought!!!) and the next thing i knew i backed the damn trailer right into the garage door… so i called the man who initially installed the door and he came over to take a look.as soon as he got out of his truck there was a pained look on his face.he told me that the door i had whacked was no longer made and since i have 2 garage doors i`d have to have both replaced so they`d match. ooooookkkkkk….


this past week i bought a new truck and a utility tractor with a front bucket-loader.yesterday afternoon the tractor was delivered and the delivery man went over the tractor with me.i got on,drove it around a little and put in the garage.the last thing he said to me was "Les,please read the manual before you operate this and i assured him i would…yeah,right!

this morning i got up and of course the first thing on my mind was to take this baby out and fool around with it!! f@ck the manual.i don`t need to read that…anyway my truck (brand new) was in the driveway about 15 ft,from the garage door and any logical person would have moved the truck in order to have more room but then again i`m not too logical at times.i was going to maneuver this machine,no problem… well i didn`t hit the truck (yay!!!) BUT while turning the tractor to avoid whacking the truck i ripped all the molding off surrounding one of the new doors i had installed last year with the bucket loader…

i`ve been told i`m pretty fair at landscaping but i`ll tell ya i`m hell on garages…you all take care,Les…

  1. SaltWaterDrinker 10 years ago

     Ah, Les, rest assured.  There's a special place in heaven for garage-door manglers.  And those who don't read manuals shall inherit the earth (I think they already have).

    I am sorry, though.  Hardly a tragedy but an inconvenience, nonetheless.  I am guessing the storm passed over you without too much ado?  I hope so. I weather it in Westchester, at the folks' during the height of the action, at my boyfriend's afterward.  The folks lost power; my brother, a bit up county, is still out (and has no water, to boot); but as I've said to a few folks here, we really did get lucky.  I hadn't felt very optimistic before the storm, since Jack (my guy) and I had gone down to the harbor early monday morning to find the water already well over the sea-wall.  Not too much surge damage in this town, though.

    I was in Manhattan the other night and it was really wild.  Except for the bright patch around the Empire State building, it was just stacks and stacks of darkness.  Jack and I were wandering around, killing time while his daughter celebrated her 16th birthday at a concert with friends, and we almost got creamed at a lightless intersection.  We are not city novices, either.  This guy was just high on the darkness and the illusion of his own private island.  Twit.

    I am sorry that we've been out of touch lately.  For all the people I care about here, this site and I just don't seem to fit.  (Too much generation y?)  I will be decamping for a bit, trying to make some changes.  I hope you'll catch me on the outside.

    hugs to you, friend.  xoxo

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  2. sadviolinist 10 years ago

    Les… 🙂  It is funny, but I bet it wasn't when you did it. That will be one of those stories you tell to amuse your friends for years on down the road…kinda like the time I fell down 2 flights of stairs in highschool and my head was whacking my best friend's butt the whole way down (I went down on my knees…ouch!) …she turned around to yell at me when we got to the bottom, but I was splayed out face down on the tile. Let me tell you~ the claps and jeers and laughs I still hear to this day. But I decided it WAS funny, it just took me a few weeks to see it like that. I hope you stay away from the garage for awhile ~ AND the new truck while playing with equipment, lol.  Love you lots! (((HUGS)))

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