Well, Zachary's sleepover went great! He had no problems and the boys had a wonderful time. I talked to Mindy this morning and she said he was very polite and an angel for him. He told her that it felt like home so he would sleep just fine. I'm so glad he was comfortable there. I knew Mindy would take good care of him, but I still couldn't help but worry that he would be scared at night. Do you know that little booger didn't even call me to say goodnight?! Guess he was having too much fun, lol.

Later on today we're going to have them over for a BBQ and let the kids play out in the lawn and in the house while the adults get to talk and joke around. I'm looking forward to it. We've never had them over and I hope they have a nice time with us. I really like them and have made a strong friendship with Mindy. I'm so happy about that.

Last night we went to the beach with some friends in hopes to see sea turtles nesting, but it turned out to be too early in the season. But the stars were amazing and the feel of the still warm sand on my feet was luscious. We all stood around listening to love songs and dancing in the sand, lol. It was a lot of fun and romantic for us as couples. Afterwards we feasted on chicken wings and had a margarita to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at midnight. Then Aaron and I went home and crashed. We didn't get to bed until 12:30 a.m.

This morning all I've done is clean house. We did a pretty good job (my husband actually helped!) and the house looks decent, unlike what it's been lately. At this point I'm just relaxing until they get here, enjoying the beautiful weather we're having. I may take a short nap before they come over so that I feel refreshed and ready to entertain our guests.

I wish everyone as good a Sunday as we've had so far! (((HUGS)))


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