I have to remind myself after one comment to write about Paganism. I'm not a fan ofChristian Believes. That doesn't mean that I don't like Jesus. He's a cool healer. I'm not a fan of ring-winged Christians who think that their religion is the right and only religion.

But that is not the reason why I am writing. There is a co-worker who hasn't been doing his job because his wife wants him to go drive her or their daughter somewhere during work hours.

There was one time where this co-worker mentioned when he picked up his wife, she was sitting right next to a friend who has a car. His wife and daughter is so co-dependent on him to drive them anywhere, they don't think of taking a bus or asking someone else whose available for a ride.

A week ago, he got a call from his in-laws, the last minute, because they had something else to do. Forcing this co-worker to have to take two days off to drive his wife to the big city (I"m a big city girl living in a small town). I suggested that she should take theProvincial Bus (I live in Canada). But he said no.

My thought last week was that he was going to get fired because of his co-dependent wife who is stupid not take the bus on her own to go to work or other things. I just got an email today at work saying that he is no longer working with us and that we're looking for another salesperson, which means more work for me, in a good way. There are two other salespeople who are doing much of the work, and this ex-coworker has not done much. Another co-worker mentions that his commission tells all. He's has been working for a year and his work performance has not improved. All thanks to his wife.

So my prediction of him getting fired was true, which is what that odd thing that happened. But I wouldn't blame the wife for getting her husband fired because of co-dependency. It was that co-worker's fault for putting family way before work. But that's everyone does, however not to the extent that this guy did.

But I have hear of this type of women before. I used to work for a semi-truck mechanic company where one of the guys had a girlfriend that call constantly. But not to pick her up. She just wants to hear from him.

And I was like the previous with my first boyfriend. I don't want to go too much into detail, only that I wasn't myself around him at all. I was almost like a stalker calling him more than three times a day at his apartment, and also being at his apartment a few times.


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