yeah, i havent been on here much lately. odd things have been going on. lots of pain still from my car crash im stuck at 70% recovery i dont seem to be getting better either.. my next door neighbors dont like us because our dog barked for ten minutes straight while i was throwing up so our neighbors have been trying to poison our dogs and hurt them, the first time they threw chrcoal, then a egg sandwich, then rotten eggs, then they put WD40 on our mail box so the mailman was angry with us, and today we've found the remains off a dead pelican.. one i was particularly fond of. in front of our house.. im scared to leave my house alone and im tired of calling the cops and getting the same answer "there's no proof they've done it" sorry if this offends anyone but i wish there was a hitler for assholes like them. people like them dont need to be in this world. and im not so low as to "get them back" for their rediculous games. my house smells like rott, thanks to the dead pelican and living on an island where theres lots of sun. i did manage to pass all my classes big woop. my family still doesnt give a shit about me though, im never gonna be good enough. oh well. and my best friend is back to ignoring me. yay. so is half of the rest of the world. one good thing i am looking forwad to is my friend i've known 8 years is coming over tomorrow night and staying for a day or two. shes come just in time i really could use a good smile right now and shes got the best one ever! my moms getting really upset about the jerks at her work, its all a bunch of petty stuff because they have small minds, i told her to fire them all, theres plentyy of people looking for jobs right now. who are better qualified even. idk keeping her happy is getting more and more difficult. i hope she doesnt change her mind about not kicking me out.. again. at least i have doctors though, even if they arent helping, and having neighbors that hate me means i have a home so that thought is comforting. and i have family and friends to complain about when they dont like me. i try to think like that more often, it helps me relax at least i have stuff to complain about.


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