To all my beautiful,caring friends,at Dtribe. Thankyou so very much for your messages. They mean everything to me at the moment.

I have soooooo many issues at the moment its pathetic! I think the hardest to live with is that im so terribly tired!!  Havnt slept at night for maybe 8 days, My doc cant give me anything more to sleep as im on Valium and have been for 27 years!!!!

Taking Prozac too for 14 years for Major Depression.

I worry CONSTANTLY. about everything. especially my elderly disabled parents. Dad has OCD in the manner of hoarding. he is now 80 yrs old and mum 88. Truly at there house ther is NOwhere to move! Its getting to the point of being dangerous. Mum already had one bad fall 8wks ago.

But as soon as I mention this to Dad he just goes of the deep end. 50yrs of constant hoarding but I grew up thinking it was NORMAL,had never even heard of OCD.

Plus Iam In chronic pain. Have Trigemenal Neuralgia and roter cuff injury.

I do believe a lot of this is hormonal and was it a coincidence about the blog regarding Hormonal Imbalances????

I really need to see a physche but still waiting. They said a couple of months!

Anyway Ive raved on too much. Just wanted to try and explain a little.

I love you all very much,you ARE my lifeline.

And Mr Thumper….. Yeah Ive been bunking of class,but hope to be back throwing them erasers soon! We shall run amuck and just say "who gives a shit"


Love and many thanx to you all

















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