Well, things still are not going too well with my boyfriend and I. He’s long distance and to top it off he’s not a great communicator so i’m feeling quite bad about it cuz i’m attempting to communicate as much as i can.

He always seems to be busy and he has things come up all the time. If i call him, we can’t even have a long discussion without him getting interrupted by his parents to go and do something.

It seems as though he has so many other priorities that excede talking to me. He has said he’s not much of an online person, but he never calls me anyway and those are really our only two methods of talking right now. I don’t call that much cuz i usually seem to interrupt him and his schedule is all over the place so it’s hard to know when the right time to call is.

Recently, he just found out his dog that he loves is dying and his hard drive crashed which i am understanding about, but he shouldn’t shut me out cuz these things are happening. I can’t see how that would help. I know i feel worse without someone to talk to and listen.

He did get a new hard drive and install it already too so he’s able to go online now, but still he rarely sends me an email or online message.

This is just really frustrating me and making me feel so badly.

I can’t even bring myself to drink anymore cuz last time i did, i drank wayyy too much and got a bad case of alcohol poisioning. It was quite painful and i don’t wish to go through that again.



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