Well it has been a long time since I have been on here.  About 2 years.  Things in my life have changed significantly.  I have had a recent diagnosis of Bipolar instead of depression.  I have had many med changes too since I have been on here last.  Hopefully this will be the last med change cause it is getting kind of old having to get blood test after blood test and going through different side effects.  Can't take much more of the side effects.  Well right now they have me on Lithium and SeroquelXR.  I have been on the SeroquelXR for about a year now and the Lithium I have only been taking for the last 2 weeks.  I have just recently gotten over some of the side effects so that makes me happy.  Last year I had 3 jobs, all of which were good, but the OCD started to kick in and I had to quit.  I have no been jobless since the beginning of October 09.  Sitting at home and isolating myself from the entire world.  I feel real bad for my husband cause he takes the brunt of my severe mood swings.  Like on Saturday I got mad at the vacuum cause the hose was not sucking properly and I threw it out of the bedroom and into the hallway.  It is the stupid little stuff that really sets me off for some reason.  I just do not know how to control the anger.  I do not leave my house cause I ma embarrassed too.  I have gained some weight since I have been taking the SeroquelXR (maybe because it knocks me on my @ss).  I could sleep forever on that!!  As of now, I am okay today.  I did get out of bed, which is amazing for me anymore.  I was able to do some dishes and get a shower.  Just doing simple stuff makes me soooo tired and worn out.  My house is a mess because of this.  I just feel lazy, but I know that I cannot help it.  Oh well, until tomorrow I guess!!  Dog The Bounty Hunter is coming on and I cannot miss that!!  HUGS to all!!!


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