When I was in college I worked in the athletic department to get thru school. I spent four years working for the baseball team, one year with the football team and during those five years I helped out with the men's basketbal and volleyball teams.

This was a junior college comference in southern California, the Metropolitan Conference. We consisted of Bakersfield Junior College, El Camino Junior College, Long Beach City College, Los Angeles Mission College, Pasadena City College, Los Angeles Piervce Junior College and Los Angeles Valley Junior College.

During baseball season we would play a 24 game conference schedule (4 games against the other six schools) and 12 games outside of our conference. The games were played on Tuwsdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We would start the season in January and play thru May.

Basketball would play the other teams in the conference twice, once at home and once on the road.

Football would play the other six schools once. At home one year and on the road the next year. We would play four additional games outside the conference to make up the ten game schedule.

Volleyball was like basketball we would play one game at home and one game on the road against each conference oppent.

The equipment manager, the sports information director and I, the statistican would travel with the teams and do our jobs to get the word out about the different sporting events. The team coaches and athletiuc director relied heavily on the three of us. We were good at what we did and were able to provide valuable information about the players and teams. Several of the players were given full scholarships, paid for by four year universities to attend and play for them. A small few made it onto the major league level.

Those five years were fun years for the three of us. Years that the three of us won't soon forget. Baseball was my favorite sport and to this day I still have the conference schedule for all of the baseball teams and starting game times.

Each of the four year I did the baseaball stats, major league baseball would invite me to attended their winter meetings. I attended each year and developed good relations with each of the owners. I also meet some of the minor league baseball owners. The ten days each December that I went to the winter meetings were great. Meeting the owners and some of the well known players and others that were working with baseball was a great ten day period.

In a way I wish I could relive those days because of all of the found memories.


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