Today the problem is really coming to surface. For the past week and a half my boyfriend has told me about this girl who keeps bothering him. He's told me as the events happen. Spamming his online accounts with love letters and saying that she's so happy they're together and how they're going to be together forever…etc., talking to his friends and saying that they're dating and going to get married, and also asking around for his personal information (his full name, address, work schedule, all that) So I've just kept a mental log of all these things and some of our mutual friends have been telling me about her and what she told them. I've been dating him for almost a year, and to be honest, I'm pretty used to this. He flirts with girls too much and then they take it as he has a serious interest in them and then they start this whole stalker thing. To be honest, and I've told him this before, he brings it upon himself. He flirts with girls constantly and becomes really good friends with them and it just happens that 90% of all the girls he flirts with are crazy obssive stalker girls.

But this is the first time a girl has gone far enough to actually contact me about it all. The stalker girl actually contacted me and started cussing me out saying how she won't let me steal her man and how they're going to be together forever. So I asked her how they started being together, she said that she asked him out and she said yes…When she started getting a bit crazy he actually showed me all of the messages she sent him, and the first one was a long message of how he's her man now and she's his woman and no one is going to change that…her basically saying 'you're my boyfriend and that's final.' So needless to say I'm a bit agrivated because when this all first happened I told him that he needs to set things straight with her and that he needs to be firm and tell her 'Listen you crazy b*tch, we aren't together, leave me and everyone I know alone.' But did he? Nope! Because he thought that she'd just go away eventually or just stop being crazy.

So with that kind of attitude towards the situation it gets me thinking (and this could just be me being paraniod) maybe what she's saying is somewhat true. Maybe he was planning on getting another girl but then maybe it got out of hand. Or maybe he's just that naive and childish that he doesn't see what this situation can become?  Because honestly…everything is available on the internet these days. I've already had to deal with 3 girls calling the house and telling us that they were going to go live with him where he lives, and 2 of them actually knew the house address. So I'm honestly a bit worried that either this chick might get crazy suicidal obssesive and come over, or that if she shows up someone will be going to jail (probably me or his mom for assault). I don't know, maybe she's not that smart to get all of the information that would be needed? She'd have to drive 8 hours to get here, but then again, we've had to deal with chicks living across the country doing this kind of stuff.

Things would be SO much easier if he just grew up, he's older then me by a few months, we're both 20. I thought that people would somewhat mature from ages 14-20, I don't know, maybe that's just me.

  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    Have you ever seen Fatal Attraction?  I'd go rent it if I was you because this sounds exactly like it.  The girl talked to him one time they had a night together and then she thought he'd divorce his wife and the whole nine yards even as far as saying she was pregnant but she got really violent.

    It does sound like your boyfriend is being neive about all this thinking it would go away hah not after you talked about the other girls who have called the house.  If she has gone as far as talking to his friends for information don't you think she would have known that already if they were seeing each other? for now I'd believe your boyfriend until you have reason not to. You've got a serious problem on your hands darlin so please be careful…

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  2. GetBetter 11 years ago

    I remember seeing that movie once at Blockbuster but I’ve never seen it, I think I will now though. Now that you mention it, what you’re saying does make sense, she would have already had that info. to be honest, that didn’t even pop into my head (we just recently had an argument because he told me he might take an oppurtunity to cheat on me, so whatever trust I had for him is basically gone). I’ll probably just watch the movie and then if she keeps up with this and he doesn’t do anything then I’ll either take it into my own hands and afterwards have a serious conversation with him about this or if she gets too crazy then just talk to his family about the situation or if it gets too out of hand and she comes to the house then call the police.

    Ok, so I looked up Fatal Attraction, I’ve never seen the movie but it reminds me kind of like Obssesed, I think it’s called.

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