hey everyone i hope you all are doing ok as for me from a bad day it got worse i stood in my room alone so everyone would get off my back about how i feel my ex boyfriend told me to kill my self after he got mad cuz i would not give him money my sis told me to hurry up and die its like i no im upset cuz i have no boyfriend but im 27 and i just want to be loved is there something wrong with me i see everyone around me going on dates and having fun but not me i stay home all day cuz im sick of people laughing at me cuz im alone and im big my family dont seem to understand im hurrting and alone i dont want a man for sex i just want to be able to feel how it is to be kissed with love held or even go out with out someone saying omg she fat i got a big heart and a lot of love to give i never thought i would feel this way before i did not care but now its like im going crazy cuz im alone i use to always love to fix my self up and look my best but now i just hide in my room all dark and look for ways to make it an easy death top it off yesterday was my mom bday rip and no one even took the time to say hey are you ok all i got was everyone wishing i was gone idk what to do any more or say i cant never talk to my family they say im stupid and not a women for what i feel but at the same time they got the other person they want and love i have no kids and no man if it was not for my cat jasper i think i would of one killed my self

  1. troubelled 11 years ago

    love yourself UR PERFECT EVEN WHEN UR IMPERFECT WE ALL ARE keep on dressing up go out to new places and all those ppl who put u down are unhappy cause if they were truly happy they would embrace U with love I hope i made u smile if only foe a sec

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  2. tearfulme 11 years ago

    ya you did thanks

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