I want to sincerely let you know thatyou have got no problem and if you believe you have no problem say to yourself i am well ,i am happy , and i will succeed because i am destined to be and make a success out of myself.

  Moreso say to yourself i want to make my family proud of me and to give back to the society what they have bestowed on me .

 If you really want to make a success out of your self and you are very eager to get it started so as to experience peace and joy then you must follow this step of peace to finally discover your own magicwand that will jumpstart your fine qualities as a man or a woman

 Firstly,read or listen to something positive first thing in the morning,after a good night's sleep  we are relaxed and our subconcious mind is receptive.its set to tone for the theday and puts you in the right frame of mind to make the day positive as ever.

 In order to bring about change we need to make a conscious effort and be commited to make positive thoughts and behaviour part of our lives.

 Practise having a positive and clean behaviour every day until they become a habit.

  Let  me tell you one clear truth if you really desire to change your life ,you must start immediately because time waits for nobody because the world is waiting upon you to churm out those infallible ideas that is still locked in that strong heart of your but can only be harnessed only if you give postivism a chance to take the upper echelon in your dexterious life.

  I want to share with you some winners verse which you must adhere to and focus on it.

  The winner is always a part of the answer while the loser is always part of the problem.you are never going to be a problem because you are a great winner.

  The winner always has a program while the loser always has an excuse.never give an excuse for what you have to do today because its not your portion.do it now

  The winner says let me do it for you while the loser says its not my job.do it and dont gripe.

  Winners are part of the team while losers are apart from the team.

  Winners see the gain, while losers see the pain.

  Finally,winners see possibilies and potentials.

  please i urge you to forget about the sins of the past and focus on the gain inherent in the present for you because i see in you great mother,technocrats,artist,wife,daughters,sons,daddy, child,bankers,musician,and so on because you \can be what you want to be in life if only you can tell yourself the basic truth and continue to say to your self. I LOVE MYSELF AND CHEERISH MYSELF. 


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