Frustrated, oh my have I been that! Yesterday I ( space cadet I can be) left my purse at the bus stop, did not even notice I was without it, till I got off at the community college I attend. So I frantically run to my first class and told her I needed to get some things taken care of, because as I thought it did not get turned into the bus shop. It was left downtown , at bus stop, where alot homeless are around. So I cried , kicking myself in the butt, wondering how I can be so stupid as to such a thing, I had my school backpack, did not leave that there, just purse with rent in it, and other important things.

  I was angry at myself. All day! But then I prayed on it, talked to my sponser about the day also. Now today is better, I got my new ID ( state ) , got my new medical card, canceled my debit and so on. The difference in today , is I let it go, gave it up to GOD! There is no sense in punishing myself for the loss of my purse. It is not going to bring it back to me right?

 But in the past, when I was using, I would have cried to user friends about it, and got free dope to get high so I would not think of it! I surely would have not taken the steps in taking care of state ID and other things like I did. So I decided that instead of wallowing in my poor me attitude and being upset. I would pray on it, and all is working out, brother is sending me money for rent, and 2 bills, I had the money in purse as I was going to go get money orders after school. I still am cleaning up a overdraft from old bank so until I do , I have to pay rent and bills in money orders.

   So I feel I have changed in some ways, and things do not have to be worse then they are, Nothing will change somethings that happen in life, you Just Have To Give It To GOD and things will turn out okay. I never in my life believed in that , till now!

   God Bless everyone , Kathleen


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